Tue Mar 16 2021

Ways ECE’s can be resourceful to parents

written by Vanessa Serrao

Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

As an early childhood educator, you are not only catering to the children’s interests and needs, you are also assisting parents. Parents put a lot of faith into the hands of an early childhood educator. It can be scary to drop off your child for the first time at a childcare center.

So, as an early childhood educator, you want to do your best to calm down any nerves parents might have, answer all their questions, and reassure them that their child is in good hands with you. But, aside from that, there is more that you can do. As an early childhood educator, you can be a resource to parents while also providing resources to them. Here are some ways that you can be resourceful to parents:

Share a weekly newsletter to parents

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Every childcare center is going to do things differently but a good way to inform parents and keep them updated about what their child has been doing in the classroom is by sending a weekly newsletter. Of course, when a parent is picking up their child you will be sharing how their day went but with a newsletter, you can do so much more.

You can share pictures, pedagogical documentation, developmental milestones, and parents can see what their child has been learning and new things that they have become interested in. This will allow them to feel more connected and be able to visually see what their child does all day.

Provide information to parents

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There are many ways you can be resourceful to parents through providing information. For example, you can provide parents with pamphlets. You can either make your own or find pamphlets online. Some helpful ones could be about nutrition, crafts, outdoor play, and mental well-being. Parents will definitely appreciate any advice and assistance you can provide.

Another example is dealing with challenging behaviour or maybe your child is having issues sleeping. Whatever a parent is concerned about signifies that this is your time to shine as an early childhood educator. You can also redirect them to websites or blog posts. Many childcare softwares also share resources or blogs that can be helpful.

In addition, especially during the pandemic, some businesses have been closed, which has been hard on parents as there are facilities and places that are beneficial for children and parents haven’t been able to take their children. But of course, there have been alternatives. Even when daycares were closed, educators and supervisors of some centers would do Zoom calls with the families and children to stay connected. As well, doing online teaching.

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