Thu Nov 19 2020

Tips for building a successful daycare staff team



Being part of a daycare staff team can be very stressful. Not only do you have a very important responsibility, which is to take care of other people’s children, but also there are the parents to address, and today there is also Covid-19 and risks of infection.

It is definitely a full-time job. As the manager or director of a childcare center, you have even more to worry about: the staff. How to keep them motivated? How to avoid employee turnover at times when early childhood educators are becoming more and more precious resources?

Building a quality daycare team can be challenging. Still, you will want to work on it since having a happy team versus a grumpy team makes an important difference.

A motivated team will be ready to do more than what it is asked to and will have the daycare center’s best interest in hand. This translates into a higher-quality service, which at the same time translates to more customers and a growing business.

So, since it is definitely a challenging arena at the daycare, what can you do to build a successful daycare staff team?

Keep your team motivated

Effective leadership consists of building a team you can trust to make good decisions on your behalf. Yes, as the manager, you have to lead your team, but it does not mean that you have to do everything yourself. In the end, you are either going to burn out or have too much on your plate to handle.

One way to work leadership is by trusting your team to make good decisions. For that, you can tell everyone that they are all leaders and that they have to take ownership of their work. This approach will allow you to focus on growing the business rather than micromanaging the team. They, on the other hand, will feel proud of their work and accomplishments.

Become partners with your team members

Consider your staff as your family. Become interested in knowing them better, what they like and dislike, how their family is like, and their hobbies? This approach will improve communication between all of you, which is beneficial when you want your team to be honest with you to trust them at all times.

Good leaders learn that they have to be authentic and transparent. Trust is very hard to build and maintain because once broken, it is hard to regain. You want to become a leader your team can reach and depend on.

Whenever a discussion arises in the workplace, don’t assume everyone will work it out like the adults they are. Sometimes, a third party is necessary to help resolve conflict. Remember, you will want to build an environment with mutual respect, trust, and transparency.

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Know how to identify areas of growth

It is very different from asking people to do more and more rather than identifying areas in the daycare business where they would like to grow. For instance, one of your teachers could also be good at graphic design. Perhaps she wouldn’t mind taking the role of the company’s designer. Your business benefits from her abilities, and she benefits from an opportunity to grow in that professional area as well.

The goal is also to support your team in areas they want to grow in professionally. It is an opportunity to help them, and the better the team feels, the better your center becomes.

Communicate often

Communication is essential in the workplace and also in every aspect of your life. The daycare center is no exception. The staff needs to know what your business’s goals are, and if there are any problems, what are they. We are also sure that you are concerned that everyone understands what they should be aiming for as a team.

However, it is easier said than done. Communication is an art, and it requires good practices where the more you communicate, the better. Decisions should be informed promptly, along with the action plan.

Take action with non-performing team members

It is very different to allow someone to take the necessary time to learn how to do their work than to let them be lazy and unprofessional. Taking action with non-performing team members is one of the hardest parts of being a leader. However, creating a good work culture is very important even though it can be hard work and uncomfortable.

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