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Fri Dec 04 2020

Plan ahead for reopening your business - Why a childcare management software can help you

When your daycare center is small, and you are just starting out, pretty much everything you need to keep track of billing, children's attendance, and staff are only a few color-coded folders. However, as your childcare business starts to grow, we know that you will benefit significantly from a…

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Sat Nov 28 2020

Is your child care center closed? Tips on how to stay in contact with the parents

As we have addressed before on this blog, Covid-19 has caused everyone’s reality to change in many ways. A child care center is no exception. We have given you tips for homeschooling your children, and we have also given you some ideas on how to make your child care center safe if you have decided…

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Thu Nov 19 2020

Tips for building a successful daycare staff team

Being part of a daycare staff team can be very stressful. Not only do you have a very important responsibility, which is to take care of other people’s children, but also there are the parents to address, and today there is also Covid-19 and risks of infection. It is definitely a full-time job. As…

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Thu Nov 12 2020

Guide for reopening your child care center during Covid-19 - Safety measures to take

At the start of 2020, no one thought that we would be dealing with a worldwide pandemic. We have had to learn how to use facemasks, disinfect our hands frequently, and maintain social distancing from one another. Child care centers are no exception to this situation. However, many daycares have…

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Fri Nov 06 2020

8 reasons you need an app for your daycare center

In today’s world, when it is common to have both parents of a child work full-time to support their family, children will spend a lot of time in a daycare center. For this reason, as well as many others, it is crucial for aspects such as communication, records, and more to be properly registered…

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Sat Oct 31 2020

5 reasons why parent apps work for your daycare business

Parent apps are a great way to engage with parents and provide real-time updates on what their child is doing at the daycare center. It is also an excellent way to make the relationship between childcare centers and parents more meaningful and closer. Therefore, if you are running a daycare, you…

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Fri Oct 23 2020

Check out the KidGenius Parents daycare app!

We are excited to present the new KidGenius Parents app that will allow you to keep track of everything your child is doing at his daycare center. You can know in real-time if your child took his nap, had his meal, and had a great time playing during the day! But, that is not all you can do with the…

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Fri Oct 23 2020

Parent’s guide for homeschooling their children while daycares are closed during Covid-19

Today’s reality has changed a lot, and no one knows when things will get back to normal. It is possible that your daycare is still closed, or you do not want to risk taking him/her while new cases of Covid-19 are still emerging in your area. For this reason, you may be considering homeschooling your…

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Fri Oct 16 2020

5 essential tools you need for better daycare management

Daily daycare operations require managing many different tasks simultaneously, plus parents, children, staff, bills, and several other things. However, today, there are various tools on the market that will help you accomplish and organize everything you need for your daycare management. We are…

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Fri Oct 09 2020

6 Tips for increasing childcare tuition

If you are in the childcare business or any business, a time will probably arrive when you need to increase the cost of your service. As an owner or manager of a childcare center, if the expenses have begun to outweigh the income, it may be time for an increase. However, it is not uncommon for this…

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